I’m tired of winter. I think we’re supposed to get another snow storm this weekend. I really, really hope its the last one and that when we get back from our Tahoe ski vacation  near the end of the month, that spring will be only a few weeks away. At most.

But! I washed my front windows today! Some friends inspired me to start my spring cleaning early so that when it is actually spring, I won’t have as much to do and can get my pale-faced self outside to enjoy it. 🙂

clean windows and I

So today’s picture is me, tired of winter in front of my sparkling clean windows. Happy weekend!

Author: jomegs

my life is full and beautiful because the Lord of all creation has seen fit to take me as His own. I have a wondeful husband, five incredible kids, a sweet yellow lab, and we live in a lovely house in a small town. I throw the occasional temper tantrum, love good food, bake drool-worthy treats, and have a love affair with French-pressed coffee, mountains, and the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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