foto friday: little bit

Can I get a shout out for a fun new blog layout? My dear friend Brenda over at Unsolicited Advice designed my awesome retro header and adorable background. I love it. 🙂 Thanks, Bren!

yesterday we got the sweet privilege of seeing our little person via ultrasound. 🙂 Maybe because we get sent to the actual ultrasound technicians at the hospital, the pictures we got of Jack and of this baby were super clear even as early as they are. I was right on target with my estimated due date, so we’re officially at 10 weeks 4 days. Due October 3. But I’m telling myself he or she will appear by October 7, just to avoid feeling annoyed if I “go over”. lol.

hi world!

It was very reassuring to see the fast little heartbeat blinking on the screen. I breathed a prayer of thanks and thought of all my friends that have been heartbroken by miscarriage or infertility…how I pray they get the joy of seeing the same miracle again or for the first time. I sure don’t take this life for granted. I know he or she is ours for as long as God ordains, and even then, this little person belongs ultimately to our mighty Lord.

In other happiness: all week our weather has been warming up. Today its supposed to be around 40 degrees and all next week might approach the 50’s! 🙂 Oh, this makes me happy. I have even more hope that upon our return from Nevada, the great meltdown (aka SPRING!) will be underway.

Another happy thing is that I’m starting to feel a lot better more of the time. Every once in a while a wave of nausea rolls over me, but for the most part, I’m feeling like myself again. I had prepared myself for another 3-4 weeks of feeling dreadful, so I’m grateful.

So combine better weather with feeling better and you get a more active Johanna again! Just add water. 🙂 Tuesday and Thursday Jack and I got out for a long walk and today I’m going to attempt an abbreviated version of P90X Legs and Back. It just feels so good to feel good again. Praise the Lord!

I hope wherever you are, you have some sunshine in your day. Whether its a beautiful day, your favorite tea in a beloved mug, a smile from a friend, a hug from your honey or cuddles from a kid, puppy or cat. 🙂

Author: jomegs

my life is full and beautiful because the Lord of all creation has seen fit to take me as His own. I have a wondeful husband, five incredible kids, a sweet yellow lab, and we live in a lovely house in a small town. I throw the occasional temper tantrum, love good food, bake drool-worthy treats, and have a love affair with French-pressed coffee, mountains, and the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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