I’m so behind! But so uninspired…

lately I’ve been shocked at how long my hair is getting! Pair pregnancy with a lack of haircuts and you get this:

Long and wavy. Its also the closest to my natural color than its been in years. We’ll see how long that lasts…I’m getting ready to make an appointment with a new stylist soon and I really want to do something funky with my bangs or highlights/lowlights.

foto friday: my rosanna

My friend Rosanna is a gem. When she moved here almost 5 years ago, we had no idea we’d become such good friends…or that she’d still be here five years later. The plan was a little shorter time in MN, but I am very glad God extended it and I’ve had her in my life for these years. Even when she and her husband Rob and son Jude leave for the wild West in October, we’ll stay close by any means possible. It’s just that kind of friendship – not one to be given up on just because distance gets in the way. 🙂

With our first pregnancies, our due dates were mere weeks apart. This time around, I’m further ahead by 15 weeks. I’m hoping our little missy makes her appearance before they move, so Rosanna can hold my sweet girl. We’re also betting on the fact that since Rosanna is so much sicker this time (like I was), she is having a girl too, but we won’t know that for a couple weeks still.

At any rate, its been so wonderful to share life with this beautiful woman. 🙂 The other day a mutual friend commented “I love how you guys do everything together!” And its true! We were married within weeks of each other and became newlyweds at the same time, started a small group with our guys and another couple (the awesome Gulbransons…I’ll talk about my dear friend Jes another time!), introduced each other to new music/places/fun, had our boy babies, did the new mom thing together, went to a MOMS group together, vacationed to Tahoe together, and now we’re awaiting the births of our second bebes. And believe it or not, we did NOT plan to match when we both showed up wearing the same. exact. dress. the other night. lol.

Many a fun girls night out has been had, many a cup of coffee and conversation at Starbucks and Caribou, many a chat on our couches, some tears shed as we bring our burdens to the Lord together, and many a laugh as we share the latest funny thing that our kid has done. I credit Rosanna with my vastly improved sense of style and makeup skills – she’s my personal shopping consultant and makeup guru. 🙂

Much has happened and changed in our lives over the past five years, but God’s love and faithfulness has remained constant and is evident in our lives. I will, without a doubt, miss her to pieces when she’s far far away in NV and CA, but thank God for FaceTime and text messages and Facebook and phone calls. Love you, Rosanna dear!

two years

I’m not really sure where the time has gone, Jack boy. Just two years ago you made your grand entrance into this crazy world, but it seems like much more time has passed than 730 days. In our first family picture, your sweet face is barely visible above the bundle of blankets you were wrapped in. Your dad and I were so very happy to meet you.

And now, your big blonde haired, blue eyed, two year old self takes up much more space between me and your daddy. The past year has been full of fun, challenges and more than a few laughs as you daily entertain us. In the past several weeks, you have started talking in full on sentences and we crack up constantly at the way you pronounce words and count to ten so very earnestly.

You truly are a delight, Jackson. Sometimes after I put you to bed when the day has been long, I honestly miss your sweet face and hearing you tell me “Ninon’s ball, guck.” (Translation: Nikon’s ball is yuck.) But only for a minute. I’m learning how blissful silence can be after having mini-conversations with a mini-you all day.

Things you like/love at two years old:

  • helping me in the kitchen. You pull up a chair and are honestly a good helper. You are also good at tasting whatever we’re making many times. 🙂
  • basketball! You call it BEE-ball. You also enjoy balls of any sport – soccer, football, golf, baseball. Balls rule in your little world.
  • counting. For a while you counted only up to 7, but in the past week or two you’ve master 8, 9 and 10. You count very intentionally and love to count down and jump off of things around the house.
  • planes! Every time an airplane passes within earshot or in your line of sight, you nearly scream “OH! PAIN!” and point and get very excited. It’s cute.
  • blueberries. You pronounce it “boo-bies”. ahem.
  • family devotions. You have started to sing along with your dad and I when we worship and usually sit quietly while we read the Bible out loud. One of my favorite parts of the day is singing to you before bed and your sweet voice chiming in with “harmony”.
  • playing outside. In your pool, in the yard, on your bike, on your little jeep truck, at the park, on a walk – no matter what, you’d rather be “ousside, mom!” Sometimes you think you could just go out the front door and hang out by yourself. um, no. 🙂
Yes, my happy, spunky little man, you make my world a happier, more exciting place. Your daddy and I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Jackson boy!


gosh…where have I been? 11 days without a blog post? Scandalous. I guess I’ve been processing life in real life. It’s been a busy summer too…lots of fun events, lots of playing outside and going places, so I just haven’t been thinking about blogging lately. Or I have, but feel like I have nothing to say.

BUT! Today is different.

A little catch up and then I’ll post again with photos of Jack’s birthday party and my thoughts on my first baby turning TWO.

At the beginning of July, we welcomed Kyle’s sister Anna home from her 6 months serving with YWAM. It is great to have her home and to listen to her stories of what God did in her heart and life over the time she spent in San Francisco for her training and then in Europe for her service time.

Her arrival home means the rest of wedding details for Sarah’s big day can go full speed ahead, so we tried on bridesmaids dresses a few days later. Though David’s Bridal doesn’t really make dresses with a 38 week pregnant figure in mind, we found one that will be tolerable. I just need to get the correct underpinnings and hide my belly button behind my bouquet, and all shall be well. I hope. 🙂 There will be NO hiding the fact that birth and labor will be eminent, so I might as well just enjoy it in my beached-whale state. lol.

Toss in a few busy days of working at Everyday Joe, some fun times at the St. Cloud Rock Quarry for swimming and cliff jumping (i did the former, not the latter, rest assured), various appointments for car shopping, baby checking, etc. and that brings us to this past week.

Some of the crowd from our day in St. Cloud

Last night we went to our first 2011 wedding, the first of at least four that I currently know of. 🙂 An old friend of Kyle’s family, Bre’, married her honey Tim in a short and sweet ceremony with a fun dinner dance following. I have seen Kyle get down on the dance floor like that EVER. LOL. It was super fun to shake it with my man and have so much fun together at a wedding.

The best part of the whole reception, in my opinion, was the extremely well executed karaoke rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” performed by the groom’s dad! This guy was older than my parents and totally nailed it word for sanitized word with amazing delivery. I was totally impressed and the crowd loved it. 🙂

Here’s a dodgy picture of Kyle and I at the reception…none of us had a good camera and the lighting was typical reception mood lighting. 🙂  

being the old fuddy-duddy’s we are, we left at 11 and made it to bed by midnight. Jack spent the night with my parents so we didn’t have to juggle him and a late night just before his big birthday party day…which was TODAY! 🙂

So that’s the July news that’s fit to print…with a post about my far too big and grown-up two year old coming tomorrow. 🙂

four in the bed

and the little one said – roll over! roll over!


On a rare occasion…okay, once a week or so, Jackson wakes up far too early for his or our own good and we plop his sweet sleepyhead into bed with us until a more reasonable hour of wakefulness. Not that he cooperates by going back to sleep, but in general, he cuddles and lies still enough that we can catch a few more winks before tackling the day.

When I roll over and have Jackson on one side of me, with an occasional poke or his soft hand kindly scratching my back, and Taylor inside of me, rolling and poking my ribs and side, I think how blessed I am to have three other people in our soft bed. Three other people I love with all my heart. Three other people that make my days full and joyful and challenging and wonderful. A husband who works hard and loves much. A little boy that is full of life and excitement for every day. A tiny baby girl that only just now could have a chance to live on the outside of my womb, and whom I want to meet very much already.

And let’s not forget the canine variety of family member that lies beside the bed, ever so faithfully. We like him too. 🙂

So while I might sleep better when there’s just me (and a pile of pillows) in the bed, I sure am grateful for the people that make up this family o’ mine. All in the bed. 🙂