things I love about taylor


  • Milk dribbling out of the side of her mouth
  • That sweet baby smell of milk and whatever else makes them smell so wonderful.
  • The sleepy smiles and silly faces
  • Tiny hands by her face
  • Tiny hands holding my finger
  • Teensy clothes and small diapers and everything tiny!
  • She sleeps a lot. (Just not when I want to sleep.  Oh well!)
  • How easy it is to feed her and keep her content, just by holding her.

before I forget…

some things I want to remember about Jackson right now:

  • Your prayers: “Dear Jethuth – thank you, your NAME, Amen.”
  • “Baby Sthisther, Tay-er”
  • “What doin’?”
  • “Where gooing?”
  • You love to read books
  • Tuesday is your favorite morning because its Garbage Truck Day!
  • Tuesday is also your favorite day of the week because Daddy takes you to the car wash and you get a candy bar while you go through it.
  • When I make a cup of tea, you want one too. 🙂
  • You are a big helper and want to do things for us
  • “My do it! My churn, Mom.”
  • “Go church, worsip Jesuth!”
  • You ask about Molly, Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma Meri and Papa Keith all the time.
  • You like to have candles lit. “Bwow out, Mom?”
  • Bob the Builder, Kipper the Dog and Shaun the Sheep are your favorite shows
  • You can operate our iPad and iPod with scary alacrity and skill.
  • When you look at pictures you say, “T-ute!”
I love you, Jack boy!

taylor’s birth story

The night before baby girl’s due date, I made a special point to rock Jackson before he went to bed. He had been asking for several nights if we could do that and I felt it was important. I sang him a song and gave him a kiss, grateful for the two wonderful years of being his mommy.

As I got ready for bed, I looked up “acupressure points for labor” on Google, because I was ready to be done. I also downloaded a contraction counter app for my iPod, just in case. All of that must have been helpful, because at 3am I woke up with a contraction that was painful enough for me to wonder “Is this it?! I timed them and got up for a bit, and then laid back down and they persisted. After about 40 minutes of timing and the contractions being 3-5 minutes apart and lasting a good minute without deviation, I woke Kyle and told him I thought we better call our mom’s so they could get up here.

I texted them and about 10 minutes later called them both to ask them to make their way up to the hospital. We packed our things, ate some breakfast and called a friend from church to come stay with Jack for the morning. I called ahead to the hospital and the nurse thought it sounded like I was definitely in labor since the contractions weren’t slowing down or easing up at all.

A little apprehensive of arriving at the hospital too soon, we sat in the parking lot in the dark for about 10 minutes trying to decide if I was ready to check in. The next contraction was hard enough that I decided I was. I was wheeled into the same labor and delivery room where Jack was born! – that was surreal and fun. My nurse was great and things were definitely moving in the right direction toward delivery!

My mom got there at the same time we did (6am) and Char (Kyle’s mom) arrived a while later. For a while, the contractions just continued as they had been and I chatted and rested. After two hours, Dr. Barrett checked on me and I had progressed a little and my water had broken. She suggested getting in the tub for a while and seeing if that would ramp things up.

It did. I was having a little more trouble relaxing fully through my contractions because they were wrapping around to my back – I didn’t remember feeling pain there with Jackson’s labor. But I soldiered on. At around 10:30am, I was starting to think that drugs/pain relief sounded really, really good. I just liked the idea of turning off the pain and just dealing with pressure. I talked it through with Kyle and my mom and Char and told the nurse that I was interested in the interthecal shot. (Similar to an epidural but only requiring one poke with the needle and it wore off after 4 hours.)

JUST after that, I could tell I was probably in transition or something. The contractions were getting to the point where they didn’t really let up in between and I was feeling shaky, nauseous and just a little crazy. When my nurse came back to check me before ordering the drugs, I was far enough progressed that I would probably be complete too soon to have the meds and still be able to push effectively. Somehow I just knew that would happen and I wasn’t surprised, but I was annoyed that I couldn’t get the shot and turn off the pain. The nurses called my doctor to come from the clinic since I was so close.

Then all of the sudden it was like the contractions were tripling on top of each other. I was frustrated and trying to cope with the insane intensity. I knew I was ready to push, but my doctor wasn’t there yet! At some point I asked if there was PLEASE another doctor that could come in so I could push…which quickly turned into me TELLING them to get another doctor in because I was not going to be able to NOT push. Crazy people!

Thank goodness, just moments later, my wonderful Dr. Barrett skidded into my room and got down to business. She checked me and it was already time to push! I remember telling everyone in the room to just tell me what to do because I couldn’t think or process or anything. I also remember asking God to help me because I was having a really tough time dealing with the intensity of everything. My eyes were closed for about the last 30-40 minutes of her birth just so I could block out everything and focus as much as possible.

Dr. Barrett had me start pushing, which was SUCH a relief. I think it was about five pushes or less, and no more than 8 minutes of pushing before we met our daughter. SHOCK. That happened so fast! (Jackson took his sweet time – 2 hours+ of pushing!)

They placed my little girl on my chest and I was so happy to see her! I said, “Oh my gosh, she’s so tiny!” and soaked up the moment because I didn’t really experience it with Jack due to the exhaustion and shock of pushing so long. Here she was and she was beautiful. They measured her and weighed her and snuggled her in a blanket. She was perfect – 8 lbs. 5 oz. (a whole pound and one ounce lighter than her brother at birth), 21 inches long and scored 8-9 on APGAR.

We were instantly smitten with our gorgeous daughter and deliberated on her name for just 10 minutes before deciding she was, indeed, Taylor Charlotte Puelston.  We moved to a recovery room and I floated high on adrenaline and the joy of being delivered from pregnancy, now with my baby in my arms. Later we welcomed the grandpa’s, aunts and uncles to meet our sweet girl.


Recovery has been a DREAM, thank the Lord. She is a sweet, wonderful newborn with surprisingly dark hair and long fingers, feet and toes. Jackson loves her and has done really well so far with the new normal. I can’t believe how “right” it feels to have two children and be their mommy. God is so gracious and we love our little Taylor-girl!

she’s here!

a week ago Sunday:

24 hours later – on her due date!

Taylor Charlotte joined our family right on time. 🙂 She was born at 11:56am on October 3, weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. and is 21 inches long. We are definitely in love with our little girl and are so grateful to the Lord for a safe and quick delivery. And now a little lady is squealing for some milk, so this mama will post more soon. Just wanted to let the blog world know that our sweet baby is here! Thank you for your prayers, love and support as we adjust to our new family of four!