style me july

this month I’ve been participating in a fun little fashion challenge that my friend Margaret let me in on. We’ve been having lots of fun following these daily, simple tips/prompts from Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society.

Personally, it totally helped me think through outfits and try new things, and I identified some glaring gaps in my closet – namely, prints (I have no idea when I became such a boring solids person), green/red/purple (I tend to lean toward blue/coral/pink/yellow) and a maxi dress or skirt. It also was fun to get out and thrift or shop “my stores” with a goal and concept in mind. I didn’t dress to the nines every day, but I did make more of an effort to be put together all the way each day and that was nice for myself, my husband and the UPS man. (haha!)

There were definitely fail days – the day before Jackson’s birthday party I wore a cruddy old v-neck tee and my gym shorts, dirty hair, no makeup and definitely no style. πŸ™‚ Today I got my denim shorts on, but definitely did NOT take a picture of my (again) dirty hair, baby food stained cami and legs that need shaving. Some days I didn’t have the “perfect” thing, but I made do or looked for something at the thrift store to spice up what I already had. Accessories are a big thing for me – I feel like the right ones can make a ho-hum outfit into a complete look.

Oh, and another lesson: never underestimate the power of lip color. red or otherwise! I’ve rediscovered lipstick/stain/gloss and its been a big win. That fresh swipe of color just does a little magic for my face.

These were some of my favorite challenge outfits:

Channeling Audrey – love her style!












a retro moment (fell in LOVE with this scarf and way to wear it – new to me!)

dress to the floor (I need to go back and buy this skirt – I hope its still at the Gap Outlet!)

daydream vacation (finally found a fedora thatΒ fits!)

I definitely had a blast this month, (thanks Marge!) and look forward to giving August my best shot too. If you want to join me, I’d love to see what you put together! You can find me on Instagram at jomegs, or on Facebook. Check out this post for more info on the Style Me Challenge idea.

Is style something that comes easy for you or do you have to work at it? Let me know if you’re up for the challenge this month in the comments!





from the mouth of Jackson

“Mom! The asquitos are eating me all gone!”

(coming in from the hot, humid outdoors into the air conditioning after a water gun fight) “Oh brrr – can we make it hot in here?”

This morning I was serenaded quite often. I heard strains of You are My Sunshine, Tell Me Who I Am, 10,000 Reasons, How He Loves Us and Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be. I love that our kids love music. Makes my heart sing.

Jack is a very helpful boy. Often we hear, “Mom, what I can help you with?” or “Dad, what can I help you for?”

Nikon (our golden lab) is notorious for injuring himself while playing catch. The other day was no exception, when he jumped into Kyle’s throw to quickly. Kyle checked his mouth to see if there was any damage done and Jack asked, “He is blooding?” (Translation – Is he bleeding?)

And the most common word out of his mouth at this time: “WHY?” Yes, its driving me absolutely crazy. Yes, I’ve used “BECAUSE I SAID SO” to answer. πŸ™‚

jackson is three.

three years ago, at 2:52am on July 17, we welcomed Jackson Keith into our lives and our world was forever changed. Meeting him for the first time was amazing. Getting to know him and helping to shape his little life these three years has been a privilege, a challenge, and a gift.

To my son, at three:

Dear Jackson,

Today, three years ago, you burst onto the scene. The nurses told me I was a rock star for the two hours of pushing it took to get you out of your cozy home and into this crazy world. Your dad kissed me so sweetly, in triumph and appreciation, as the doctor weighed you – I knew he thought you were amazing already. These three years have been just plain great. Hard at times, sleep deprived a lot of the time, but full of those incredible moments that take away your breath. The ones that make me want to forever remember them. To tuck them into my heart and keep them always. Thank goodness for cameras and iPods and video footage of your life – because I feel like its passing in a blur and I can only remember what you did yesterday. πŸ™‚

Your tender heart and praise filled mouth make me so very happy. My day is riddled with choruses of “the sun comes up, its a new day gawning, its time to sing Your gongs again…bwess the Yord, oh my soul, ohhhh my sowl…” and “how He YOVES US, OH HOW He YOVES US” and I couldn’t love it more. The incessant question of “why” could very well be stricked from your vocabulary, but I know it comes with the territory of a three year old. I’d rather have your inquisitive self than any number of quiet hours to think uninterrupted thoughts. πŸ™‚

Your delight for life and your grateful heart are really incredible. You aren’t without selfishness of course, but you often thank us for taking you places and doing things with you without being reminded or prompted. Most recently, you thanked me for your birthday party (which I loved throwing for you!) and for getting you lollipops.

You love to play sports. Baseball, golf, soccer…you do it all with gusto and intensity. Intense would be a good adjective for you at this age, little man. You feel, speak, play, interact, and just do life intensely. You love music. It’s super fun to see you get out your pretend guitar and “play” with the music on the “way-dio”. Current favorite songs? Tractor, Tractor by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame and Dynamite by Taio Cruz. You like books. You will sit for quite a while and look at books, and of course you love being read to. Some of your favorites right now are “Halfway Herbert” by Francis Chan and anything by Richard Scarry.

The biggest change in your life so far happened in October when you became a big brother to Taylor! And what a great one you are too. You love her so much (sometimes a little TOO much, poor girl) and she thinks you hung the moon. Her face lights up like a Christmas tree when you walk in the room. Your cheerful, “Good MOWNING, Tayer!” is the sweetest thing. I hope you’ll always be good friends. Even when you’re 16 and 14, and 28 and 26. And 87 and 85. πŸ™‚

Jack, your dad and I pray that the Lord would be the blazing center of your joy, intensity and passion. That you would TASTE and SEE that He is so, so, so Good. And that His love and grace would shape you into a boy and a man that follows Him no matter what.

I thank God for your life and how it is shaping my own. I thank Him that YOU are my son. Your dad and I love you so much. Happy Birthday, Jack-boy!

Your Mommy