happy birthday to my love

Kyle turns 30 today. Just like i did earlier this year. We’re twins. Well, not really. But we were born the same year. Good ol’ 1982. 🙂

I kind of think HIS birthday is a bigger deal to celebrate than my own since I feel like the day he was born was the day my world became really awesome. I just didn’t know it at the time. Or 10 years later when I met him. Or 20 years later when we were “just friends”. It would be a couple more years, until we were 23, for me to know that God intended to grace me with his life in mine for always.

So on this illustrious occasion of his thirtieth birthday, I submit thirty things I love about my man. in no particular order.

1. His love for and devotion to Jesus.
2. His kindness, faithfulness and passionate love for me.
3. His amazing fathering of our two kiddos.
4. His biceps.
5. His love for movie trailers. And good movies. Independent movies even.
6. The way he seeks first the Kingdom and spends time in the Word.
7. His mad cleaning skillz. He can clean circles around me. I am only too happy to oblige.
8. The smell of his cologne lingering after a kiss.
9. Thursdays. His first day off of his rotation. They come pre-packaged (thanks to him) with sleeping in, puffy pancakes, coffee and time together.
10. His love of reading and good books. He’s always got a book or three going.
11. His generous heart. Cultivated by the Spirit’s work in his heart.
12. His passion for world missions and the missionaries we support.
13. His love of excellent coffee. I highly benefit from this. 🙂
14. His willingness to try new foods, experiences and adventures with me.
15. That he knows my favorite drink from Starbucks and brings it home to me.
16. How he wrassles around with Jack and teaches him man stuff.
17. How he loves on Taylor in a completely different, yet similar way.
18. His smile.
19. That he loves to run and workout – and hasn’t changed pant sizes in the 6 years we’ve been married, in spite of my cooking. 🙂
20. The way he cares for our home, yard and finances.
21. How kindly he notices when I need a break from the kids.
22. His gratitude and thankful heart.
23. His commitment to our church body and small group.
24. How willing he is to help others.
25. His strong arms around me.
26. His enthusiasm for hiking and all things outdoorsy.
27. The pictures he takes.
28. His taste in beer.
29. His writing. I love reading his blog.
30. That I have a lifetime ahead to continue sharing this adventure with him!

happy birthday, kyle. I love you more.

some days…

motherhood is such a exercise in opposites. Some days I just want the day to be over and the kids to be in bed at 8am. Some days, I want to take pictures of every minute and not forget a single thing that happened that day because my heart is so full.

Like this morning, for example. Jack was using buckets and mixing bowls for drums, busking with the best of them for pennies in my kitchen. I stirred sugar and cream into my coffee as I listened to the din, and looked over at Taylor, with her adorable bedhead, eating peaches and babbling happy morning stories. Jack finished a set and asked, “Can I have some money?” Two months ago we went to a Twins game and two guys sat outside the ballpark with 5 gallon buckets and a hat – the things kids remember baffles me sometimes.

Taylor is so close to walking. She stood up in the middle of the floor without holding on to anything the other day. It shocked me, and made me happy and sad all at once. She’s getting big! But she’s getting BIG! I’m not ready for her babyhood to be over so soon. She is 10 months old already. At her last check up she was in the 85% for everything – 29 inches long, 21 lbs. She loves to “talk” and can say Mama, Dada, and occasionally will say something that sounds like “wow!” and mimics us when we say, “tay-tay”.

yes, some days, mothering littles is something I want to soak up and enjoy every second. today is that kind of day. I’ll write about the day I want to forget another day. 😉