my boy is four

i remember the morning I went into labor with Jackson, not like it was yesterday, because 1461 days is a lot of time between now and then. But its still pretty clear. The excitement, knowing we’d finally meet our firstborn, a son, sometime in the next 24 hours or so. The nervousness, wondering how labor and delivery would go. The exhaustion after the hard work of bringing him into the world. The joy and uncertainty of being a new mom. 

Now he is four. We celebrated his birthday this week with friends and family, cupcakes and lion cakes, balloons and banners. We celebrated HIM: the boy he is, a gift from God, the hopes we have for his future and the joy he brings to our lives. 

He’s become such a BOY this year. No more toddler. He’s not quick to do things without us, but he’s becoming strong, more independent and very sure of what he wants to do with his time and energy. 

I love hearing his animated re-tellings of what he did when ______ happened, or stories he’s read or things he has seen. All day long his mouth is moving; all day long the questions come fast and furious. Sometimes my answer is: “Because it JUST IS!” lol. But I love to see his mind work. I love to hear his heart, even when its frustrated. 

It’s been very fun to have him old enough to talk about the new baby that is coming. He’s determined it is a boy. He’d really like it to be “chocoyate”, but we explained that is impossible since vanilla babies come when the mom and the dad are vanilla. 🙂 

Jack has many talents, many things he’s good at and many things he gets very excited about. I’m so glad he enjoys family devotions and is learning Bible verses and the catechism. I hope the words sink into his soul and draw Him to Jesus in due time. I just love the little person he is and the boy he is becoming. 

Favorite Four Year Old Things: 

  • The Big Picture Story Bible 
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream and popsicles 
  • Cars and trucks 
  • Golf (putt-putt and the big golf course)
  • Biking (balance bike or scooter or regular bike)
  • Going for walks
  • Being outside
  • Playing with Taylor
  • Digging in the dirt
  • Annie’s mac and cheese
  • Lecrae/Shai Linne’s music 
  • Wrestling
  • Helping with cooking and baking
  • Going on errands with Dad
  • Fishing
  • Singing/playing guitar
  • Songs: How He Loves Us, Church Clap, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, Gone
  • Books: Choo-Choo, The Day Louis Was Eaten, Hop on Pop, The Barber Who Wanted to Pray, Trusty the Train 
  • Movies/TV: How Things Work, Super Why, Blue’s Clues, Kipper, Daniel Tiger, Cars, Despicable Me 
  • What he wants to be when he grows up: police officer


Jackson, we love you. I’m so very thankful for these four years we’ve had to know you, love you and be your parents. You are a treasure. Love always, your mama. 

currently 10.0

current reading material: I just finished the Peter and the Starcatchers series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson – thoroughly enjoyed all three. Such a fun “intro” to Peter Pan. Now I want to read the original book by J.M. Barrie. I’ve enjoyed different incarnations of the story for years, but never have read the original story (based on a play that Barrie wrote).

I’m also reading The Hole in our Holiness and Thinking. Loving. Doing. The former has been really helpful as I consider sanctification and moving toward being more like Jesus, and the latter is kind of hard slogging for my less than academic mind. 🙂 But it’s good too.

I also recently read The Forgotten God by Francis Chan, about the Holy Spirit – kindled a desire for operating more fully in His power.

current songs o’ delight: For my birthday, Kyle gifted me with some new, wonderful music and some old, favorite CD’s from about ten years ago. I’ve been loving Jon Foreman’s Seasons collection…really beautiful, pretty raw lyrically. Good stuff. I also love The Civil Wars new single “The One that Got Away”, though I’m bummed they are probably finished as a duo.

current projects: preparing for Jack’s fourth birthday party! he has requested a “Lion” party, which I am doing my best to create. Not on the grand scale of last year’s train party, but a lion theme nonetheless. 🙂 We’re having a small park party for friends on his birthday and then dinner with family on the day after.

current recipes I’ve tried: 

My friend Janee told me about this recipe for Loaded Baked Potato Salad. Oh yes. It’s amazing. Bacon, cheese, sour cream and potatoes? mmhm. I almost doubled the the dressings and the bacon, and the potatoes taste best if you boil them in salted water. But yeah, it’s great with a freshly grilled burger and some corn on the cob.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the perch and walleye that Kyle and Jack caught on their fishing trip in May. I found this recipe for battering fish and deep frying and I’m totally sold. It comes out so perfectly and tastes incredible with this homemade tartar sauce. I’m just sad that we ate all the fish! Time to go catch more. Maybe Kyle will take me soon.

current hair color: dark brown, but slowly lightening with all the time I’ve been in the sun lately.

current events: last week, we enjoyed a lovely time in northeast WI, spending time in the north woods with our pastor’s family at Northland Camp. It was a kid wonderland and we had such a fun time packing in the activities each day. Much coffee and chatting was shared among the adults too.

upcoming events:

1. Jack’s FOURTH birthday. How is this possible? A week from tomorrow, my firstborn will be four. :sob: He has grown up so much in the past few months. He’s definitely a boy, and I’m so glad he’s ours.

2. Kyle goes to Cass Lake for a very long nine days. 🙂 The kids and I have many fun things planned while he is gone though.

current photos:

I love that her hair is long enough for little pigtails now. 🙂 And that she leaves them in!