from the funny files

Jack’s Quips 

While working on his catechism during family worship: “God made Adam and Eve holy and….nice.” (It’s “God made Adam and Eve holy and happy.) 

“Mom, I have sparkles on my nose – you know, from the sun!” (AKA freckles.) 

“Do you know what, Mom?” “What, Jack?” “I yuv you.” (Yes, I melted into a puddle right there and then.) 

After his birthday – “Four is WEALLY old.” 

Taylor Talks

Chep-up! = ketchup
Stop it sign = stop sign
Hy-cul = motorcycle
Carepul, momma! = Be careful, mom

She also surprised us by counting to fifteen recently – didn’t even know she knew how to count to four or five! And she’s in this hilarious stage of repeating everything, talking constantly and wanting to do exactly what Jack is doing and saying exactly what he is saying. Super cute and kind of scary. 🙂 

I love these little people!