eight years with you

wedding day

Wedding Day – a beautiful, clear, picture-perfect autumn day in Minnesota. We got married! I was soooo happy! (song – I’ll Stay With You, Goo Goo Dolls)

1st anniversary – amazing trip to northern CA and San Francisco. Celebrated on the Skunk Train and with dinner at a lovely Mendocino bistro. (song – It Did, Brad Paisley)

2nd anniversary – beautiful night in Stillwater, MN. Dinner at the Dock Cafe and surprises waiting for us at home from our sweet friends. (song – Better Together, Jack Johnson)

3rd anniversary – a comedy of errors, bad Seattle evening traffic, a wailing two month old who was being cared for by my dear friend, a sobbing self and then things got better. A delicious dinner at an unexpectedly fabulous back alley restaurant near Pike Place Market, and dessert and coffee at the original Starbucks. (song – Lucky, Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz)

4th anniversary – a fabulous, whirlwind trip to Washington D.C. My first time there! Tour of the U.S. Capitol Building, and dinner at Capitol Brewing, a rainy trip to a bookstore and ice cream in Dupont Circle. (song – I Got You, Train)

5th anniversary – VERY pregnant with Taylor. A trip to Pleasant Valley Apple Orchard. I don’t remember much more celebrating! We were ready to meet our little girl. (song – Glitter in the Air, P!nk)

6th anniversary – a stay at Hotel Ivy, the Desiring God conference, the Melting Pot and Andrew Peterson in concert. (song – I Won’t Give Up, Jason Mraz)

7th anniversary – a day in Duluth! A beautiful hike by a creek, and dinner at Canal Park Brewery. (song – Life is Better With You, Michael Franti)

8th anniversary – yet to be celebrated fully, but the upcoming Crowder concert and dinner out will be grand. (song – Come to Me, Goo Goo Dolls)


Life with you is a happy adventure, my love! I’m so glad to be your girl. I love you – happy anniversary!

Author: jomegs

my life is full and beautiful because the Lord of all creation has seen fit to take me as His own. I have a wondeful husband, five incredible kids, a sweet yellow lab, and we live in a lovely house in a small town. I throw the occasional temper tantrum, love good food, bake drool-worthy treats, and have a love affair with French-pressed coffee, mountains, and the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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