the fosterhood

I don’t know why i feel like blogging when life gets most crazy.

I don’t know why when life is ALREADY crazy, God finds a way to add more to it.

Seriously. why don’t they EVER call with an emergency placement of a kid when my life isn’t stacked, and when my husband isn’t going to the other side of the world for two weeks in less than 48 hours?

Also, foster care placements should come with a couple additional things beyond diapers, wipes and clothing, if it were up to me.

  1. An owners manual to explain what makes them happy, how they like their bottles, when they take them, what they need to get to sleep at night, etc. But since I’m still waiting on one of those for the kids I gave birth to, I will keep dreaming.
  2. A one hour massage for post-placement. or whenever you get around to it.
  3. A full house cleaning. I can’t even explain the level of disaster my house is at this moment.

Yes, those things would be nice, but truly, I’m so glad we can help provide a safe, loving place for a little soul who needs it. No perks needed.

This is National Foster Care Month, did you know that? The need is great. Right now there are kids that need a safe place to land tonight. You don’t have to wait until you have the perfect anything – I promise you that I feel like I am not the perfect anything today, or most days, actually. You just need to have an appropriate place for them to sleep, and a heart that is open. Getting licensed is a process, but it isn’t hard or overly complicated.

All the excuses? All the reasons to not do it? They’ll all be there tomorrow and the next day. Why not now? (Of course there are seasons and “good reasons” not to, but if you don’t have any or your reasons are dumb, then stop it. ;-))

Join me in this crazy place I call the fosterhood. There’s a lot of mess, a lot of crying, a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, a lot of wondering why things are broken and why kids have to suffer for their parent’s poor choices, but its a really, really brutiful (brutal and beautiful) place. I’d love to have your company. I’ll brew more coffee for you in the morning and when evening comes, I’ll pour you a glass of wine too. We can do this broken, loving, hard thing together.

Someone I follow on instagram (She Does Justice) posted this today and its super appropriate at this moment. I need a lot of Jesus and His church to do this. Tonight as I rocked an inconsolable little person and asked friends to pray for calm and sleep to overcome the sad and stress, I was so so grateful to not be in this alone.


Tonight I’m grateful for Domino’s Pizza, kind and hard-working husbands, friends who know how to work nebulizers, effective and fervent prayers, social workers that miss their kid’s band concerts because they are running other people’s kids around trying to find safe places for them to sleep, and most of all, a God who enables me, selfish, little me, to put aside my comfort and rock a little soul to sleep in the middle of a messy living room. Grace. So much grace.