Family News ~ Christmas 2017

This is the update promised on our Christmas card!

Our BIG NEWS is that we have finally been matched to adopt a little boy from Haiti! Kyle and I (Johanna) recently went to Haiti to meet him and we are thrilled to finally be moving forward with the (still long/many month) process to bring him home. As soon as he is officially a Puelston according to the Haitian court system, we will introduce you to our Little Man. But needless to say, we are excited, and very much in love with him. God has blessed us far beyond what we could have asked him through his little life and we cannot wait to have him in our arms again.

More 2017 Highlights, Month by Month

January – Kicked off the year with a new niece! Haddie joined the Puelston cousin crew. Kyle and Johanna celebrated their tenth anniversary with a belated trip to Mexico, enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather of Puerto Vallarta. Yay travel points, and Costco Travel deals, and wonderful grandparents who kept our kiddos!

February – a 15 month old foster daughter joined our family for what we imagined would be just a few months. She hasn’t left yet! We love her and will introduce you to her Royal Cuteness when we have permission. She’s a spunky, adorable little girl, and has given me many grey hairs this year. 😉

March – was a whirlwind of appointments and visits for our foster daughter and events and parties and meetings and more. Just tried to keep up with it all! My parents left MN and started raising support for their new mission in life: working at Haiti Deaf Academy.

April – we celebrated our Lord’s Resurrection with our family, enjoyed the warmth of spring, and carried on with life as we knew it. My parents came and spent a week with us in between travels to raise support.

May – Johanna had a root canal, we finished up our school year, Johanna escaped to Duluth with friends for a couple days, Taylor and Jack started summer soccer, and Jack cleaned up at a track and field meet! Five ribbons, most first and second place.

June – Our niece Lucy was born! We threw a goodbye party for my parents, and they moved to Haiti to take on the role of directors of Haiti Deaf Academy. Hard to have them leave, but happy to share them with Haiti and the wonderful staff and kids at HDA. We also hit the North Shore with Kyle’s family for a wonderful week together in Grand Marais.

July – Jackson turned 8! An epic Nerf gun battle was his party of choice. Lots of time outside. Swimming lessons, days at the lake, and the best days of summer.

August – Family getaway to Duluth for a few days! And a new nephew was born! Kyle’s brother and his wife added the third new grandkid to the Puelston fam in 2017.

September – We began our third year of homeschooling with Jack in 3rd grade, Taylor in Kindergarten, and Grant occasionally doing some preschool work. We’re glad for the flexible schedule which allows for more time with Kyle with his funky work schedule. Kyle and I celebrated 11 years of marriage with a quick weekend trip to NYC!

October – Taylor turned 6! We celebrated with a fun party for our girl. On October 16, the phone call we’ve been waiting over three years for finally came. We were matched! He’s a five year old boy and he’s handsome and sweet. Kyle and I made plans to go to Haiti as soon as we could arrange it.

November – Lots of adoption paperwork, scrambling to pack, figuring out childcare for our first three and our foster girl while we left the country for two weeks to meet our son in Haiti. A lovely Thanksgiving with our Puelston side, and then off on the adventure of meeting our son and spending every day of 15 days with him. What a joy and a struggle across language and cultures! We really loved our time in Haiti together with him.

December – Back from Haiti, amazing family and friends, trip to FL to wrap up the year, welcome in 2018! Grant turned 4! He was celebrated lots with family first here at our house and bowling with grandma and grandpa and his siblings, then  with a Cars 3 themed party with friends over to play after we got back from Haiti. Love our big boy!