I’m a child of God. A wife. A mom. An unabashed foodie. A writer. A master of none of the aforementioned roles.

I love to laugh, sing, cook, bake, communicate, hike, exercise, travel and experience new things.

I’ve blogged since 2004 and reading through my posts reminds me of God’s faithfulness, the adventures I’ve had and the love, challenges and amazing people I’ve encountered. It’s a way for me to keep far-flung friends and family informed about my news, my thoughts and photos of the things we have done. And more importantly, it’s how I process thoughts….pounded out onto the keyboard, the words pouring out of my brain like water out of a faucet. Sometimes they come out drip, drip, dropping and other times the torrential outpour overwhelms even me. (I will warn you: my sentences get long!)

I aspire to many things ~ mostly becoming better at the Most Important Things: Chasing God passionately and purposefully. Being a wife and lover that respects and honors and cares for my husband. Motherhood that is marked by both fun and focus. Making our home a place that is welcoming, beautiful and pleasing. Always having a vision bigger than my life, but breaking it down into manageable, attainable steps.

I think I am both an idealist and a realist smashed together. I want more, but I know that TODAY is the gift. This blog might not have a specific focus, but I hope that somewhere along the way, it will encourage, bless and otherwise cause the readers of it to think about life, live a little more passionately and eat some amazing food.

One thought on “About”

  1. Just reading your blog because I saw Paul Gilmer’s T-shirt design post on FB. My son and daughter-in-law have 4 children from Ghana Africa. Three just arrived a week before Christmas! The other one has been here two years and he is 3 yr. old now. They are still in the process of adopting his half sister. Friends of theirs, also in Iowa, have three from Africa and two of their own. She is about your age and has similar interests. They are doing a lot of work in Ghana to help the people there. Please read her blog” . I am Carol Jean Reichart —look for me on FB. I’ll look for you in Paul’s FB friends. Our other son must live near you as they have been to Woulette’s Bakery. Also have a friend in MPLS that recently returned from Ghana where she was teaching for two years. She will soon be getting married to her Ghanian fiancee.

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