foto friday: the many faces of jack

my son has many expressions. when he first meets people or is in a new situation, he has this furrowed, concerned brow that makes you think he’s mad or concerned. when you finally realize what he’s trying to communicate to you, he gets this excited, happy smile and he nods.

this week he learned the word “stuck” and now says “RAWR” when you ask him what a lion says or “OOH OOH” when you ask him what the monkey says. 🙂 its pretty cute.

the bottom right photo is titled: its a party in my mouth!

I promise my next post will be writing. I’ve not been super inspired recently, which means I need to write more. For me, writing begets writing and creativity begets creativity. mostly I’ve just been trying to get through the “dog days of winter”. Spring will come, right? 🙂

foto friday: starry night

a starry winter's night

i haven’t posted in a week mostly because my little J-man has required a lot of attention the past several days due to the evil that is teething and getting sick on top of that (or along with it). 😦

When he has been sleeping, I’ve been working like crazy to get the normal stuff done OR relaxing because he’s not crying or clinging. Then at night he’s not been sleeping and I’ve been up with him because of COURSE he gets sick the week his dad is back to work. 🙂 Darnitall.

Anyhoo…that explains my absence/lack of mental capacity to write anything, if anyone was dying to know.

Last weekend though, Kyle and I enjoyed a fun, very Minnesotan date night. Wild River State Park, located on the St. Croix, is not far from our house. We try to make good use of its walking paths and hiking trails in the warmer months, and Kyle snowshoes there in the winter. It’s a beautiful park and is kept well-maintained.

This past weekend they hosted an annual Candlelight Ski and Prarie Bonfire event. All of the trails were lit with luminaries to enjoy a nighttime hike or ski through the woods and an enormous bonfire could be seen for miles around as we drove down to the river. It was magical, like something out of winter-cursed Narnia or a glen from the Shire.

We opted to hike, since we don’t have cross-country skis, and it was quite a workout! The snow was moderately packed down, but still required a fair bit of trudging – like walking on a sandy beach for all you that can’t fathom walking through more than 2 inches of snow. 🙂 We went about 2.5 miles round trip between the two lodges at the park.

Bonfires at each lodge welcomed frosted travelers and cookies and hot cider begged us to stay and warm ourselves in the middle of our snowy journey. It was an exquisitely beautiful night. Not bitter cold, but cold enough. A navy, velvet sky twinkled with diamond stars and a luminescent moon shone down.

We walked to the blaze that was billed “the largest bonfire in the state of Minnesota” and had no reason to doubt whomever decided it would be so. I fulfilled a grown up winter wish of making a snow angel in the thickly piled snow field. 🙂 And then we returned to the truck, happy and tired and cold-kissed with rosy cheeks and red noses.

a wonderful starry night.

photo credit: Kyle Puelston