shocking. I’m actually writing.

“tap tap tap. hello? is this thing on?”

<blows dust off the mic>

<clears throat>

warning: tumble of thoughts with no real connection ahead.

today is a grey, blustery morning. the sort that is made better by a steaming mug of coffee with cream and sugar and a pumpkin muffin. mornings like this inspire me to write…and since there’s really nowhere urgent to go or anything pressing to do besides clean the house, i shall write.

last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought of how easy it should be to write down thoughts from the day – just spend five minutes before my evening routine to crank out some words. I miss the way I used to blog/write/process life and I think I would benefit from getting back in the habit of pounding out my thoughts.

Kyle is off at the Desiring God conference today, and we have an extra kiddo around – a sweet little red-headed girl for foster respite. She’s seven, and her flaming curls are how Jack remembers her. “When is that curly, red-haired girl coming again?” he asked me repeatedly. It’s nice to give her mama a break. I know how glad I am for a break from my little people. 🙂

I hoped to take the kids to the apple orchard yesterday or today, but the weather isn’t exactly cooperating. Perhaps we’ll go anyhow, rain be damned. 🙂 We can at least eat caramel apples in the van and pet the goats in the barn, I suppose.

Have I mentioned I LOVE this time of year? September and October are seriously two of my favorite months. May and June might be the others. 🙂 Oh and sliver of December. But truly, what’s not to love about this season, especially here in my home state? The chilly mornings give way to warm, sunny afternoons with fresh breezes. The leaves change from green to shades of riotous red, orange, rust, yellow and auburn. Apples are in season! Pumpkin permeates my baking and cooking and drinking. Kyle and I celebrate our anniversary. Taylor’s birthday rolls around. (Ack! She’ll be two in less than a week – how?!)

Yes, Anne Shirley and I agree on many things, this being one:

Jack started one-morning-a-week preschool earlier this month. He’s loving it. I like his teacher a lot and he seems to be enjoying the class, but the thing that seems to have made the most impression so far is that some kids in his class are Badly Behaved. Each week when I pick him up and ask what he did, he replies with some variation of “I obeyed my teacher.” 🙂 And while I’m very glad that he IS well behaved, I hope he doesn’t gain some superiority complex from the experience.

Like I mentioned, Taylor will be two next week. TWO. I’m having fun planning her little birthday party. Birthday parties are my favorite. 🙂 I hope she’ll enjoy the day. She’s a delight and a joy – spunky and sweet.

and with that, I’m going to scoot and get the kiddos ready for our little apple orchard excursion, damp though it may be. If I’m good, I’ll be back with more soon. 🙂