this is the day

last night was rough. The kids were up about 4 times or more for various reasons. And unfortunately for them, I am not a very good mommy when I don’t get very much sleep! But my frustration and sour mood melted away this morning. Not because I magically felt rested. Not because my coffee (hello – caffeine is a non-negotiable around here) was particularly delicious.

How could I be mad or annoyed at the world when my little boy declares: “Dis is a day duh YORD has made. We will reJOICE and be gad in it!”

Amen. And pass my favorite mug of hot happiness kindly brewed by my hot husband. 🙂 With Jesus, Kyle and Peets, I’m gonna make it through this motherhood!


with my lovely latte

it may be corporate coffee and I know I’m not sticking it to the man with my tastes or wallet, but gosh I love me some Starbucks. After living in the espresso soaked culture of Seattle for the better part of two years, Starbucks is a haven of comfort for my latte-devoted soul.

Out in the land of drive-thru espresso stands, a good cup of joe was easily procured from just about anywhere. My favorite little one was Locals on Lakewood Road, which was on the way from the interstate to Warm Beach. There was this one male barista – oh what was his name? It was incongruous with his looks – he was a burly, tattooed ex-Marine or Navy guy and his name was Stanley or Walter or something very old school. Anyway – he was my favorite.

But here in MN, I’ve not found independent shops to be as consistent or pursue high standards of quality like the giant of Coffeeshopdom, Starbucks. And it just so happens that “my” Starbucks is on the way to almost everything I drive to, since its just south on the trek toward “The Cities”. 🙂 Today I stopped in for my typical vanilla latte’, one of their incredible breakfast sandwiches (gouda, egg and bacon on ciabatta – oh for yums) and a couple gift items.

I guess my “signature” drink is a 2 pump tall vanilla latte, and I always hope the barista can make creamy, dreamy foam…its what makes the drink for me. It’s not a sexy or glamorous or complicated drink, but its me. Simple, classic and tasty.