august…so far

wow. My blogging skillz have gone OUT the window, apparently! Considering its practically the middle of August and I haven’t said a word or even posted a picture. Gasp.

This summer has just been crazy. I feel like its been one big event that requires all of my attention one right after the other. Shew! But I’m finally feeling like we’re in the home stretch…my Crossings friends are coming this coming weekend and then the next Big Thing is my sister-in-law Sarah’s wedding in the middle of September. ahhhhhh – big sigh.

We just returned from a WONDERFUL week Up North. Old favorites like cliff jumping (but not by me), hiking, World’s Best Donuts, smoked fish and cheese for lunch on the river landing, Sven and Ole’s pizza (oh. so. good.), throwing rocks into Grand Marais harbor and other traditions were indulged in. New memories were made with an epic sunset harbor boat cruise courtesy of the US Coast Guard and one Jesse Sullivan, fantastic live music on the roof of Gunflint Tavern on a chilly night, collecting 8 stamps in our State Park passbook and receiving our first patch (we only have 64 more to visit before we’ve seen ’em all!) and visiting Grand Portage, MN which is on the Canadian border. What a great time!

And the best part was being with our family. Jackson really loves his aunts and uncles and grandparents, all around. I don’t take it for granted that we can see them as often as we do and make memories together like we did this past week. It’s fun too that the Puelston extended family is growing so much this year with two in-laws and a new baby joining the mix by November. 🙂 Happy happy!

So that’s our August so far – recovering from July’s insanity and vacation. Hurrah for a lighter schedule of events for the rest of the month and the chance to enjoy the last weeks of summer in Minnesota.

and to sneak in “foto friday” – here’s one of my favorite “artistic” shots I took this week. This is at the Grand Portage National Monument and is a replica of the fort that once stood there in the fur trading days of yore.

four in the bed

and the little one said – roll over! roll over!


On a rare occasion…okay, once a week or so, Jackson wakes up far too early for his or our own good and we plop his sweet sleepyhead into bed with us until a more reasonable hour of wakefulness. Not that he cooperates by going back to sleep, but in general, he cuddles and lies still enough that we can catch a few more winks before tackling the day.

When I roll over and have Jackson on one side of me, with an occasional poke or his soft hand kindly scratching my back, and Taylor inside of me, rolling and poking my ribs and side, I think how blessed I am to have three other people in our soft bed. Three other people I love with all my heart. Three other people that make my days full and joyful and challenging and wonderful. A husband who works hard and loves much. A little boy that is full of life and excitement for every day. A tiny baby girl that only just now could have a chance to live on the outside of my womb, and whom I want to meet very much already.

And let’s not forget the canine variety of family member that lies beside the bed, ever so faithfully. We like him too. 🙂

So while I might sleep better when there’s just me (and a pile of pillows) in the bed, I sure am grateful for the people that make up this family o’ mine. All in the bed. 🙂


a week ago I had a wonderful birthday! We trekked down to the great City of Lakes, Minneapolis, for a fun-filled day with family and friends. And ice cream. And coffee. 🙂 I submit it doesn’t get much better than that!

The fun began with brunch at a cute and vintage neighborhood cafe’ near Lake Nokomis. I felt as if we had stepped back into time to 1962 as we sat at our booth and enjoyed really tasty corned beef hash, etc. I had a particularly fantastic hair day…a nice little birthday present from God. LOL.

From there, we dropped Jack off at his wonderful Grandma Meri’s house and took off to Lake Calhoun for a little paddle boating cruise around the chain of lakes, going all the way to Cedar Lake, back through Lake of the Isle to Lake Calhoun. The only one we didn’t hit up was Lake Harriet. I spent my very early elementary years living near there, so it was fun to revisit my ol’ stomping grounds. Dad used to toss me in his hand-crafted bike trailer and bike around all three lakes and back to our home on Penn Ave. when I was a wee little lassie, sometimes stopping to get me a chocolate chip cookie at Great Harvest bakery.

Rob and Rosanna, who also had my birthday “off” (its so nice when friends have random middle o’ the week days off and can join us for adventures) came along to paddle and chat and enjoy Sebastian Joe’s ice cream and a Great Harvest cookie with us after our lake excursion. We’re trying to do as much as we can with R&R before they (sniff) leave us for adventures in NV and CA later this year. They have been constant friends over the past five years and it is going to be just rotten-hard to see them move. So! We’re living it up this summer while we can. 🙂

Later in the evening, a wonderful collection of friends and family came over to my parent’s house to celebrate with snacks and cupcakes. I was blessed by their presence and many coffee/food related gifts! (What can I say, my friends know me WELL!) Kyle truly made me feel like a princess on my special day. I love that man.

And here I am, one week into my thirtieth year of life. So far, so good! I know there are challenges, blessings, trials and beauty ahead on this journey, and while sometimes I wonder what God has in store…I know He will be faithful as He has been up until today. All I have need of, His hand will provide…He’s always been faithful to me. With that promise, I know this year will be incredible and I look forward to each day He gives me to live!

in your easter bonnet with all the frills upon it

when I was about 7, my dance class performed two numbers in our recital. The first was “Easter Parade” and the other was “Lavender Blue” – both archaic songs even in 1989! And for some reason, the lyrics to both have stuck in my head ever since. LOL. So here is our Easter Parade…photos of our family on Easter Sunday. 🙂 Sorry, no bonnets or frills to speak of!

we had a lovely day of celebrating our Risen Savior, starting with Easter songs like “He’s Alive”, “Easter Song” and “Christ is Risen” blasting on the iPod dock while we ate chocolate dutch pancakes. I sang on the worship team for the Easter service at our church and loved every note of it, then we returned to our house to host Easter dinner for both sides of our family. Other than missing my brother Josh and Kyle’s sister Anna, it was a beautiful afternoon of food and family.
Jack got his first Easter basket from Grandma Char and Grandpa Rick and had fun blowing giant bubbles in the beautiful sunshine. I loved that Good Friday and Saturday were both dreary, cool days and on Sunday morning we awoke to the sunshine streaming in the windows. It was as if God was reminding us – the SON has RISEN just as the sun is rising on this beautiful day! 🙂
I am so glad that Christ arose! And the best part is that He still lives and one day will return for His people. Praise His name!