to the father of my children

You’ve been a dad for almost four years now. A great, amazing, wonderful dad.


Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was my joy to make a big deal out of you. 🙂 Because being a really amazing father in this day and age is a BIG DEAL. Being a dad who loves his kids, teaches them important things, looks out for the well-being of their soul, spends quality time with them, loves their mother with a fierce and kind love, shows them what a godly man is and does: that is a big deal.

And I’m so grateful that all of those things are so very true about you.

Thank you for loving Jackson and Taylor and the children that haven’t yet joined our family. Thank you for looking to the future and planning financially for our family.
Thank you for taking the kids on adventures, whether in our backyard or miles away.
Thank you for consistently spending time with them in the Word, on their level, and instilling in them a passion for Jesus and worshipping him.
Thank you for playing with our kids. For hitting balls and pushing swings and climbing hills and hiking paths and chasing them until they scream with glee. I love watching you play with them.
Thank you for making your walk with God a HIGH priority, so that you have the wisdom, strength and grace to be a wise, strong and gracious daddy.

I am so blessed to be on this parenting journey with you. I am so glad that the love of my life is also a wonderful father to our children. I look forward to more years of this crazy, awesome, wonderful adventure called family life. You are so much more than a gift to me!