two years

I’m not really sure where the time has gone, Jack boy. Just two years ago you made your grand entrance into this crazy world, but it seems like much more time has passed than 730 days. In our first family picture, your sweet face is barely visible above the bundle of blankets you were wrapped in. Your dad and I were so very happy to meet you.

And now, your big blonde haired, blue eyed, two year old self takes up much more space between me and your daddy. The past year has been full of fun, challenges and more than a few laughs as you daily entertain us. In the past several weeks, you have started talking in full on sentences and we crack up constantly at the way you pronounce words and count to ten so very earnestly.

You truly are a delight, Jackson. Sometimes after I put you to bed when the day has been long, I honestly miss your sweet face and hearing you tell me “Ninon’s ball, guck.” (Translation: Nikon’s ball is yuck.) But only for a minute. I’m learning how blissful silence can be after having mini-conversations with a mini-you all day.

Things you like/love at two years old:

  • helping me in the kitchen. You pull up a chair and are honestly a good helper. You are also good at tasting whatever we’re making many times. 🙂
  • basketball! You call it BEE-ball. You also enjoy balls of any sport – soccer, football, golf, baseball. Balls rule in your little world.
  • counting. For a while you counted only up to 7, but in the past week or two you’ve master 8, 9 and 10. You count very intentionally and love to count down and jump off of things around the house.
  • planes! Every time an airplane passes within earshot or in your line of sight, you nearly scream “OH! PAIN!” and point and get very excited. It’s cute.
  • blueberries. You pronounce it “boo-bies”. ahem.
  • family devotions. You have started to sing along with your dad and I when we worship and usually sit quietly while we read the Bible out loud. One of my favorite parts of the day is singing to you before bed and your sweet voice chiming in with “harmony”.
  • playing outside. In your pool, in the yard, on your bike, on your little jeep truck, at the park, on a walk – no matter what, you’d rather be “ousside, mom!” Sometimes you think you could just go out the front door and hang out by yourself. um, no. 🙂
Yes, my happy, spunky little man, you make my world a happier, more exciting place. Your daddy and I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Jackson boy!