taylor funnies

Taylor has hit a new level of vocabulary and verbal proficiency that is just cracking us up daily. It’s like she’s 2 going on 10. I wish I had a voice-activated recorder lying around because very often she comes up with something or we have a conversation that is just TOO MUCH. And I really wish I could capture her inflection in writing, because she has this adorable up-talk in her speech that I can’t explain. It sounds like she’s inquisitive, but she’s not.

Here’s a meager sampling, since we’re dependent on my memory…

Recently, Grandma Char had plans to come visit, but the day she was going to come turned out to be a day of snow. The drive is an hour and a half in good weather, so she very wisely stayed home and rescheduled. Taylor asked me, “When Namma tuming?” I explained that she couldn’t come because of the snow. Taylor replied, ever the problem solver, “Her tood put her boots on and walk here!” Well… 🙂

Trying to open the fridge: “I’m BIG! I’m OLD!” Unsuccessful: “I’m too wittle.”

In conversation with me: “Merember that, Mom?”

The other day, Kyle was at a meeting when Taylor woke up from her nap. It seems we have a bona fide Daddy’s girl on our hands. “Where my dad dough (go)?” “He’s at a meeting.” “OH! I YOST (lost) him?! Well, I miss him.”

“I ALWAYS yike to wear dose doves (those gloves).” (Always is a new qualifier of the week.)

“Mom, mom, mom, Johanna!” (I didn’t even know she knew my name. Then when I asked her if she knew that was my name she said, “Your name Mommy.”)

Me: Taylor, here’s your banana. Taylor: Thanks, honey!

Her version of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”:
Who let the dogs out? Wuff, wuff, wuff.
I don’t knoooow!


taylor lately

From my baby girl:

  • hork! = fork
  • airpape! = airplane (always said with much enthusiasm)
  • blankek = blanket
  • no, pease = no way, no thank you, i don’t want it. (unfortunately a favorite phrase at the moment)
  • happy, happy, happy and more happy = please sing to me: “You are My Sunshine” and other songs.
  • shoooo = shoe. This girl loves her shoes. 🙂
  • go, go, go = what I hear from the backseat when I slow down for traffic or stop at a stop sign or traffic light. My girl likes to be on the move!
  • She wants to do whatever Jack does and be wherever Jack is. She really missed him this past weekend when he was fishing with Kyle. It was sweet to see.

trying to ride her brother’s bike

out of the mouth of jack 3.0

at Christmastime – “Oh look – there’s Santa Claw!”

in December, he surprised me by writing his name without help for the first time. J-A-C-K, Jack! he says. 🙂

“Can you buy me a mean shirt so I can get a present?” = i need an ugly sweater so I can win the Ugly Sweater contest at Grandpa and Grandma’s on Christmas day. 🙂 (It took me quite awhile to decipher this one!)

When Nate and Karla flew home for Christmas, we were all going to eat at Famous Dave’s after picking them up from the airport. Jack and I had a conversation in the car that went something like this:
Jack: Mom, are we going to Farmer Dave’s?
Me: Huh?
Jack: You know – DAVID CROWDER?!!! (with a duh! tone of voice)
Me: wow. I have no idea what you’re talking about!
Jack: We can eat meat and stuff dere (there)…wif Unca Nate and Aunt Karya?
Me: OH!!!! Famous Dave’s?
Jack: yeah. there!
Me: I love it. Farmer Dave, David Crowder and Famous Dave’s. (Farmer Dave is from a kid’s book he likes to read – The Big Red Tractor by Francis Chan.)

Recent new word: wondering.

A few weeks ago, we were attending some adoption training. Jackson asked if we would be “bringing home his choco-yet bruver”. I wish it were that easy!

If Kyle or I leave for any length of time, he tells us “I will miss you!” Like even when I’m going to the grocery store for milk. We have no attachment issues, clearly. 😛 🙂

“Taylor – you crack me up! I yuve you.”

He has to kiss and hug and wish Taylor “nigh-night” when she goes to bed.

Upon waking up one morning, I was greeted by a hug, a smile and “Mama? You are my sunshine.”

Daniel Tiger is helping make some good habits more solid – washing hands after using the bathroom, calming himself down when he starts to get upset and remembering that grown-ups will come back.

Overheard: “Then Daddy will get in his car, and drive real fast to help a boy or a girl if they are in danger or afraid. Then if there is a lion (yi-on) there, Daddy will boom it dead, so they don’t have to be afraid. Daddy helps people.”

On Sunday, Kyle was commissioned as an elder at our church. The way our church does it, an elder is a functional “pastor” – caring for the flock and occasionally preaching/teaching. We were trying to explain this to Jack, and I guess he thought it meant Kyle wouldn’t be a cop anymore because he said: “YAY! Daddy doesn’t have to go to work!” haha – not quite!

I will remember to you = I will remind you. Or…I forgot to remember you = I forgot to remind you.

Favorite things at 3.5 years of age:

  • PBS Kids – Daniel Tiger and Super Why 
  • Painting
  • Cars and trucks
  • “Booming” (shooting) things, complete with spit-laced sound effects
  • Hard-boiled eggs, sans yolks
  • Taking his “buddies” and blanky to bed.
  • Mom.
  • singing praise songs at the top of his lungs – Glory to God, God’s Not Dead and Ho-whoa-whoa (Holy by David Crowder) are some of his favorites
  • Montgomery Gentry’s song “Gone” – also known as the “bang! bang!” song.

I sure love being this boy’s mama.

from the mouth of Jackson

“Mom! The asquitos are eating me all gone!”

(coming in from the hot, humid outdoors into the air conditioning after a water gun fight) “Oh brrr – can we make it hot in here?”

This morning I was serenaded quite often. I heard strains of You are My Sunshine, Tell Me Who I Am, 10,000 Reasons, How He Loves Us and Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be. I love that our kids love music. Makes my heart sing.

Jack is a very helpful boy. Often we hear, “Mom, what I can help you with?” or “Dad, what can I help you for?”

Nikon (our golden lab) is notorious for injuring himself while playing catch. The other day was no exception, when he jumped into Kyle’s throw to quickly. Kyle checked his mouth to see if there was any damage done and Jack asked, “He is blooding?” (Translation – Is he bleeding?)

And the most common word out of his mouth at this time: “WHY?” Yes, its driving me absolutely crazy. Yes, I’ve used “BECAUSE I SAID SO” to answer. 🙂

toot at the castle

this weekend, Kyle and our friends Matt and John went up to Matt’s hunting shack/cabin. Kyle was filling Jack in on the plans and encouraging him to be obedient to me while he was gone, etc. and explained that when Jackson is bigger, he and Matt’s son Josiah will get to join their dads for manly adventures. He said something like, “And when you’re bigger, you can come to the cabin and we’ll hunt and chop down trees and build fires and eat steak and burp and fart in the woods.” Of course the ONLY thing Jack took to heart from that sentence was the part about flatulence. Jack was rolling in laughter saying, “I can go up there and TOOT, DAD!”

So this morning Jack wakes up and wonders where Daddy is. I remind him that he went to the cabin with Josiah’s daddy. This is a little sad, and Jack mournfully says, “Oh. When I bigger, I can go toot at the castle too?”

Oh my. gosh. I laughed so hard. 🙂 I love that boy!!!

Other recent Jack funnies/language development:

  • You know how they pick up your own common phrases? Yeah. Jack loves to reply, “Yeah sure, can do it!” when I ask him to do something and he actually is willing to obey. 🙂
  • Can I watch a moomie? =movie
  • After watching the Masters golf tournament several weeks ago, golf is his very favorite sport. One day he was getting ready to swing his set of Fischer Price clubs and told me he was going to “potato chip the golf ball, Mom.”
  • I love it when he asks me, “Please hold you?” which of course means, “Please hold ME.”
  • My dad services an account for his job at GE (General Electric). The other day Jack told me that Papa was working at EG. 🙂
  • Flip-flopping words in sentences is becoming a common thing – recently Jack has said “My hurt is foot”, “There is shoe in my sand” and other twisted sentences. It makes me smile.

And with that, while all is quiet during nap time (ahhh silence, how I love thee!), I’m going to catch a few winks myself.