all in a days work

this morning, Jackson put on Mr. Potato Head’s glasses on his own (too big for them) face, told me bye-bye in his adorable baby talk way: “BA-BA!”, kissed me good-bye, waved and marched down the steps to, presumably, go to work. What in the world?!

Jack at Work

Then he got his snow boots from the closet and brought them to me, so we put them on his feet and he tromped around and finally went downstairs to see what he could see.

In just the last week his vocabulary expanded to include bye-bye, please (he’s been singing this forever, but would never say it), and night-night. 🙂 While this stage is proving to challenge me in new ways because of his fragile emotions when I don’t understand what he wants, I am totally eating up every new thing he learns and does. What a wonder!

the boy

lately, Jack has been cracking me up with his newest antics, words and expressions.

take last night for example: i took him to the grocery store because we were in desperate need of refilling the fridge with edibles. While there, sitting in his perch on the front of the cart, he kept saying “Dah, dah, dah!” and pointing at the ground. I deduced that he wanted to get down and walk alongside me.

So I let him, with strict instructions that he had to still hold on to the cart and stay right next to me. We proceeded to cross the store in the front, from one end to the other, to find something we needed, with my little man strutting proudly in front of all the smiling cashiers.

I think this must have been going through his mind as he grinned happily and jabbered away: “Hey! Look at me, people! I’m the shiznib big boy that can push a cart. My mom LETS me. ’cause I’m cool like that. Holla yo!”

You seriously would have thought I gave the kid candy and a new puppy, letting him stand beside me and march through the store (at a much slower pace now, I must add). 🙂 It was adorable.

He also has a mind like a steel trap with double deadbolt locks attached. Holy moly…ONE night I gave him a piggy back ride and we galloped up and down the hall together. Guess what he wants to do at least twice a day now?

You got it.

He comes up to me, pats my back and says, “Up? Up?” and points down the hall. What have I started?!

His vocabulary is growing, as are his observation skills. The other day we drove to church and he pointed out a truck in someone’s yard and said his version of the word, which sounds something like “Truh!” I thank the good Lord that he has the T+R sound down and that we don’t have a child that accidentally curses when he sees a large vehicle. ahem.

This spring and summer is going to be a blast, I already know it. As fun as life is with him surviving a Minnesota winter cooped up indoors, I think it will be doubly fun to get out and explore the world beyond our four walls together.

And I leave you with this hilarious picture – I have NO idea what is going on here, but it is pretty funny.

i have no idea what just happened, but I love this.