on the lift at Diamond Peak, Lake Tahoe NV

We had such a fun time on our ski vacation in Nevada this past week! Here we are, stupid ski goggles and all, on the lift going to the top of Diamond Peak overlooking Lake Tahoe. Neither of us have ever skied a real mountain, so going from 800 ft. elevation of MN ski resorts to 8400 ft. was absolutely mind-blowing and awesome. 🙂

I learned how to ski in fresh powder too, because the resort got dumped with 11 inches the night before our second day on the slopes. My brag is that I tackled a black diamond (the hardest run on a scale of three types) and managed to only lay it down one time on the way down. I was shaking at the  bottom from adrenaline – it was pretty crazy!

I’ll be back in a day or so to post more pictures from our trip and to wax eloquent on how very cool Nevada and the Storey/Hulson families are.