on this day…

i have this thing about certain dates that stick in my memory. I love “on this day so and so many years ago” type stuff and certain events in my life are no exception.

This day, seven years ago. I can remember exactly what my day looked like and what I did. I think its probably because I was falling in love.

I was visiting Minnesota after a long, long absence and spent the majority of my time here with one Kyle Puelston. On Valentines Day of 2005, we were just friends and met up for a day at the Science Museum with his three little sisters. I brought him a caramel macchiato from Starbucks, since I’d been trying to convince him that it rivaled his beloved gas station brew and gave the girls some token candy. 🙂

my heart was pretty much gone over him…my resolve to stay “friends’ was fading fast. Though we wouldn’t start dating for a few more months, that week in Minnesota sealed it for me. He was it. There was no one else for me. I was in LOVE. (Capital letters, if you missed that.)

and seven years later, I can say it’s still true. He’s the only one! Happy Valentines Day, my K.W. Take my hand now, we’ll run forever…

funnies from Jackson

lately, Jackson has been cracking us up with his bursting vocabulary and communication skills, his story telling and spontaneous song composition. Here are some snippets that I don’t want to forget:

  • the other night, Taylor spit up after a feeding. Jack loves it when we sing, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus” when he stands up after getting dressed or having a diaper (now only for overnights! Yay!) put on. So we died laughing when he sang, “Spit up, spit up for Jeeesus!” after Taylor’s burp. Another recent variation was “Clean up, clean up for Jesus”.
  • This morning Jack asked if he could “paint wif a bruwsh on de chair”. Last year when I was touching up the paint in the kids room, I let him “paint” with water on his little rocking chair. So right now he’s giving his chair a new coat of H2O. 🙂 How do they remember this stuff MONTHS later?!
  • He loves to “take a pitcher” with my iPod or my little point and shoot. We’re working on composition because I often find numerous photos of the carpet and cabinets on my photo stream.
  • Jack loves to greet Taylor in the morning when she wakes up, saying ever so cheerfully: “Good MOWNING, TAyer!”
  • Helping makes his world go ’round. Whether its with the laundry, the vacuuming, cleaning the sliding glass door with spray bottle and rag or with whatever I’m cooking or baking. Or ANYTHING with Daddy. Helping outdoors is a bonus.
  • Nikon is alternately his favorite or his enemy. When he does what Jack wants, he loves him. When he doesn’t, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  • If there is a cake or special dessert at some event we attend (or at our small group), Jack believes it must be time to sing, “Happy birfday to you”. This song is in his repertoire of random songs to sing as well.
  • When Kyle left for work last night, Jack sat on the couch and watched out the window until he drove off, shouting, “Bye DADDY! Bye DADDY!” over and over.
  • He wants everything to be “big big” these days. A little plate will not do when Kyle and I have “big big” ones. A “big big” (full) cup is much better than half full.
  • At meals he frequently declares his food to be “deeYIshush” and thanks me for making his food.
  • His favorite worship song is “Glory to God” and has been heard singing it while jumping on the bed, going to the bathroom and playing with trains.
  • Most days he wishes to wear his “jumping pants” (aka workout/wind/sweatpants). He loves to workout with Kyle and I. His DVD of choice is “ah-santy” (Insanity).
  • He must think “Merry Christmas” is a year round salutation because he still tells me that about 4 nights a week as I tuck him in. But it sounds more like “Mewwy Kissmas, Mama.” 🙂
  • Jack loves to go to church. “Worsip Jeeesush!” he exults as we drive there each Sunday.
  • I love hearing him say memory verses and catechism questions/answers. “Why did God make you and all things, Jack?” “For HIS OWN GWORWY!”
  • Nothing melts my heart so much as when he tells me, unprompted, that he “yoves” me and wants to give me a “tiss on the cheek”.
with his first snowman

I cannot believe how big he is and how much he can do/say/think. Most people guess he’s already three since he is so tall and big. His cognitive and physical development blows my mind almost daily. I know I will just have to blink and he’ll be doing something new and before I know it he’ll be graduating from high school and driving a car. 😯 In the meantime, I try to grab these moments and remember them, even as they slip through my fingers like grains of sand.

Have I mentioned I love being his mom? Well, if there was any doubt – I do. 🙂

four months::given to God

my little miss turned four months old yesterday. I cannot believe it, and am in denial of how big she is now!

and today at church, we dedicated her to the Lord. Two years ago we dedicated Jackson in the same fashion. Somehow, in a funny turn, Jack was dedicated with all boys and today, Taylor with four other girls! (Our church heeds the command, “Be fruitful and multiply” very well, haha.)  It was a joy to stand there with Jackson and Taylor and publicly affirm the hope we have for her life to belong wholly to our good God.

The words of dedication blew me over this time just as much as they did when we gave Jackson to the Lord: “Together with your parents, who love you dearly, we dedicate you to God, surrendering all worldly claim upon your life in the hope that you will belong wholly to Jesus Christ, forever.” And then our wonderful pastor prayed a beautiful blessing over Taylor based on the meaning of her name. It made this mama cry for joy and earnestness that my daughter would know the joy of salvation and the love of her Father God.

“Taylor, may the true Tailor clothe you with His righteousness through Jesus Christ. May the Lord richly bless you with grace and kindness that you would be used by Him to mend and tend the hearts and souls of others.”

It was a day filled with joy, blessing, family and friends. I go to bed with a smile, a tummy full of tacos, two precious children sleeping soundly in their beds and a grateful heart to our mighty Lord Jesus. Bless the LORD, o my soul! Worship His holy name.