When my kids’ say something sweet or cute, I try to jot it down on my phone instantly. I keep a running note with these little sound bytes and then a few months later, like to record them all here. I’ve got quite the collection now, so it must be time to dump them out and save them. 🙂



This morning I thanked Jackson for being so helpful. He looked thoughtful and then said, “Having three children is hard. And we’re going to have FOUR and that will be even harder. I like to help.”

“Can I vacuum for you, Mom?” Um, let me think about it, okay. 🙂

Kyle was painting the swingset this summer, and the neighbor girl asked: “Can your dad do that (paint)? Jack said: My dad can do everything! Anything!

Taylor, aka The Princess of Sass

Crunes = prunes.

As she looked at herself in the mirror: “Ta-da!!!”

In the car while driving to the North Shore: “How much longer?” Half an hour. “I don’t yike half an hour!”

“Why does daddy cut his hair?” ‘Cause he likes it short and doesn’t have much hair. BIG SIGH. “I wish him had hair!”

About school: “Can you teach me how to talk words?” (She meant teach me how to read.)

“I need to go vacuum my teeth ‘cause they aren’t so sparkly.”

She overheard me saying that some days it’s just hard to be a mom. “Do you want to be something else today? Like a…grandma? You could be a grandma instead.”

To Jack: “Don’t tell me what to do. Are you the mom??!” (do you think maybe she hears me say that to her and her brother a few times a day, or what?)

She and Jack were arguing about something petty. “Don’t argue with me!”

Newest word added to her vocabulary: “Literally”. What??

Far past her bedtime because she had taken a long nap: “I can’t go to sleep. My eyelids are GLUED open!”


He just says a few words: mom, da, amen (complete with a sign/clap), and signs more and all done. He has also started giving kisses and high fives, which is pretty darn cute.

happy mom – giveaway!

two years ago I celebrated my first mother’s day. As the mom of this little man. Mother’s Day #3 is coming up quickly! And now I have two little people to mother and love.

For my first Mother’s Day, my husband gave me this fantastic shirt from PeaceLoveMom. I saw it in a gift shop and thought, “YES! I want to be a Happy Mom – and I want the world to know that I am so happy to BE a mom.” I wore it with PRIDE, added a second one to my t-shirt collection and then a third.

I quickly fell in love with almost every PeaceLoveMom t-shirt design and added several others to my wishlist. The tees are so soft, and the designs freakin’ cute/stylin’/fun! They also carry long-sleeved tees, thermals, burn-out vintage style tees, hats, and maternity tees (yes! I’ve been waiting for these) in various colors with terrific designs celebrating motherhood.  And it doesn’t get cuter than a onesie for your Happy Baby. 🙂 Or a shirt for your Lucky Girl. The shirts below are all on my current wishlist…

The creative hearts and inspired souls at PeaceLoveMom have a heart for motherhood which is evident in their core mission:

We believe in motherhood.
Mothers have a unique style. 
We believe that motherhood does not define us, but that we define it.
Mothers are heart and soul.

We believe that motherhood is life’s most precious work.
Mothers are rewarded with the love and respect of their children.
We believe in celebrating this meaningful and challenging job.
Mothers are lucky 24/7.

We believe in our children’s future.
Mothers are passionate about that future.
We believe that our world’s future is our children.
Mothers are insightful and wise.

We believe in the bond of motherhood.
Motherhood is uniting.
We believe in communicating that bond through messages of love and happiness.
Mothers are tried and true.

We believe that motherhood is empowering.
Motherhood is inspiring.
We believe in a true collaboration and celebration of motherhood.

Since I love my PeaceLoveMom shirts, and their philosophy of motherhood, I thought it would be super fun to share the joy with another mom or mom-to-be. So, PeaceLoveMom graciously offered to partner with me to give away a tee to one of you. And what better time than now, with Mother’s Day right around the corner? They gave me one of their sweet burn out tees with a heart motif to try out and I love it. Super comfy and cute with a tank underneath and jeans!

(And guess what? I’m gonna give it away too.)

Here’s how to enter: Go to PeaceLoveMom’s website and take a look around! Come back and leave a comment telling me which shirt/shirts you would love to have and what kind of mom you strive to be. Happy? Grateful? Peaceful? Loving? All of the above? 🙂 Get extra entries by letting me know in the comments (one comment per activity) if you:

  • tell others about this giveaway by linking it on Facebook or your own blog
  • sharing this post via Twitter
  • liking PeaceLoveMom on Facebook

I’ll pick two winners – one gets the size medium (6-8) Heart Worth Cherishing pink burn-out tee and one will get a tee selected by PeaceLoveMom in their size! Entries will be accepted through Friday, 4/26 and winners will be announced Monday, 4/30.

Let’s be Happy Moms (as much as possible) and let the world know how glad we are to mother our kids!

(PeaceLoveMom supplied me with a t-shirt to review. Beyond that, the opinions expressed are my own and I’ve not been paid to share them.)