people are more fun than meetings.

tonight i got to write a bio/human interest piece on a young woman heading out to join the military in a few weeks. the words just flew off my fingers from my brain in about 20 minutes…nothing like the procrastination and writers block I usually experience when writing about budget cuts and stale government meetings.

lately I’ve really been wanting to grow as a writer. I am reading this book by Leif Enger. He’s a great writer, in my humble opinion and reading excellent writing leaves me hungry to even just THINK beautiful words, much less put them together in a poignant way. To communicate my thoughts in pleasant words that are exquisite to read or hear.

so how can I turn the events of stodgy, boring government meetings, which really do affect the residents of my fair county, into something that trips off my fingertips like a story about a girl embarking on a new adventure in life? Into something that leaps off the page and causes those who read it to appreciate the nuance of the sentence?

I’m not looking for glory – I just want to be good because its lovely and it makes me happy to read good writing and to write good writing. I think its important to strive for excellence and as Colossians 3:23 says: “whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” I think God appreciates excellence and beauty since He himself is excellent and beautiful and does all things well.

So I want to be a better writer. To do that, I probably just need to write. More. and more and more. Time to find some triggers and get my write on. 😉