these are the best days

the past two days I’ve been, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “omnivorously attentive” to the fact that my time with Jackson as my only child is fleeting quickly. I’m not all worried about not having enough love in my heart for more than one child or anything like that, but I’ve just enjoyed soaking up these last days of him being my firstborn/only kid.

Kyle spent most of Thursday, all of Friday and Saturday at the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis, so it was truly just me and Jack. Friday was kind of rough – well, the morning anyhow. Jack’s answer to pretty much every command, question or suggestion was “No.” He konked his noggin on the stair landing plate in the midst of a disobedient moment and I was sure the spot between his eyes was going to split right open. Thank the Lord it didn’t. I wasn’t relishing the thought of a trip to Urgent Care for stitches. That evening (after a lovely massage and little break from the boy) we went “topping” (shopping) at Trader Joe’s and Costco together and shared a piece of pizza and a fruit smoothie in the Costco food court for our dinner. Then a stop at Lowe’s where he was enraptured to ride in the “tar tart” (car cart) which he talked about the whole ride home, when he wasn’t engrossed in his Richard Scarry book.

When we got home, the dog was in need of some exercise and both Nikon and Jack played with their respective balls. In the midst of me tossing Nikon his, His Royal Stupidness ran full-tilt right into Jack, knocking him to the concrete in a most dramatic fashion. His poor head may have even bounced, I’m not sure, but at any rate – he was screaming and I wanted to kill the dog for injuring my boy, however innocently! I held him, as well as I can with my enormous belly out in front taking up any and all lap space, and consoled his bruised self with a popsicle.

Yesterday we had quite the little adventure out and about in our little town. It was our annual town “Fall Harvest Festival”, with a craft and vendor fair in tiny Central Park and a 5K to raise money for the fire department on the running trail just two blocks from our home. I was on assignment with the newspaper, so into the stroller went Jack, my camera, etc. Stupidly, I let the dog come along, instantly making my morning a whole lot more complicated.

First stop, Central Park. Perused the booths, paid the Boy Scouts 50 cents to let Jack jump in the bouncy house for 5 minutes (whee!), fought to keep the dog from sniffing everything in the world and on his leash without him pulling me. The vendors and crafters were still putting up their wares, so we planned to come back. Jack got a helium balloon from the insurance salesman, which I tied to his belt loop.

Next up, the start of the 5K. I tied Nikon up so I would have free hands to take pictures. The dumb dog barked and howled – WHAT IN THE WORLD? He’s never done that before. 😛 Most annoyed, I brought him closer to us and ignored him. There was also a little family fun run of 1/2 a mile or something, and when Jack saw the little kids crossing the finish line he asked if “My do it, mama?” So I let him run down the trail a little bit and then told him to run back across the finish line. He LOVED it. I foresee many a mile run and 5K in our family’s future. He runs his little legs off when he wants to! I want to forever remember his little two year old legs running pell mell across that silly finish line. 🙂

After the first 5K finisher crossed, we went back to get the dog and Jack’s balloon slipped off his belt loop and into the wild blue yonder. I assured him, as he was contemplating crying over this tragic occurrence, that we would get him another one back in the park, along with some mini donuts. That seemed okay with him, so we traipsed back a block to acquire such things. As we walked back, the stupid, stupid dog (Nikon has this spatial awareness handicap that is absolutely maddening) walked in front of Jack in the stroller and knocked him out of it, causing Jack to flop into the crosswalk and hit his face on the curb! ARGH. Now I’m SO mad at the dog, Jack is startled and crying, we’re holding up traffic because this was just a crosswalk and I’m sure it was quite a sight. Some nice man grabbed the dog’s leash (which at this point was starting to chafe my hand due to him being so busy/pulling) while I scooped Jack up and dragged the stroller to the sidewalk.

I dusted everyone off, had stern words with the dog and we finally secured some mini donuts and another balloon, then marched directly to the chiropractor to get my poor boy (and myself!) adjusted after his Triple Crown of crown smackage. 😛 Shew!

Now that you’ve read more detail about two hours of my life than you ever needed to read, I will finish off this post more succinctly. 🙂

After delicious and much needed naps for both of us, or should I say all of us since the baby was definitely part of the reason I needed one, Jack and I made cookies together in the afternoon. I want to remember his chubby hands trying to manage the cookie scoop and the sly smile on his face as he reaches for one more bite of cookie dough. He “washed” the dishes while I worked on some project at the table and then we sat side by side on the same kitchen chair and ate our fresh-from-the-oven gingersnaps, sharing a glass of fresh milk.

Later that night I delighted in his delight at a new-t0-him pair of footie fleece pajamas printed with race cars. We read the same two books I’d read to him the past two nights and laid in bed and sang “Iddy Pider” and “BIG” and “Ma-yee”. (Itsy Bitsy Spider, My God is So Big and a song where I insert the names of all his family members, Molly being his favorite.) He asked if I’d rock him, totally stalling for time, but I didn’t turn him down because I know the day will come soon when he doesn’t want or need my lap or cuddles with me anymore.

This post is more for me than anyone else reading. I just want to remember these days. These tiny slivers of time that pass like a blur. I want to slow down and remember the way he looked when he ran toward me down the path, and how his sugar covered hands with their still present knuckle dimples charm my heart. I want to recall how it feels to have his hand in mine and the sweet ways he talks and the words he mispronounces with a tiny person lisp that is so freakin’ endearing I don’t want it to improve into real, unfettered English. 🙂 These are the best days. I want to remember them.

about the dog

he stands

the vigilant sentinel

at my side


every muscle tensed

acutely aware of my every movement


for me to be careless or clumsy

for the slightest piece

of the food I am cutting

to spill over the side

and into his mouth

snapped up with so much verve

and delight.

foto friday +2 days

oops! I wasn’t really around on Friday to post a picture, but here’s one that I actually TOOK on Friday. 🙂 Kyle, Jack, Nikon and I walked around a park in Edina Friday afternoon while we killed some time before Jack went on a date with his Aunt Sarah and Ryan, and Kyle and I went on a date with each other, courtesy of Sarah. 🙂 Jack decided he wanted to “walk” Nikon, so we let him “help”. He is getting so big, I can’t even stand it!

I am so glad Nikon tolerates Jack’s endless and bountiful love and that Jack adores Nikon. He even has to tell the dog “nigh-night” before he goes to bed. awwww. I love my boys.