i love this tree in our front yard, so when we went on vacation last week and I saw that the buds were about to burst into bloom, I was a little worried that we’d miss its full beauty. But when we returned on Friday, it was in all it’s glory. Harsh weather this weekend caused many of the petals to start falling, but the scent is still intoxicating and delicious when you walk past and the pale pink flowers still make me smile.

All the blooming trees and bushes – lilacs, azalea, dogwood, crabapple, pear and chokecherry, inspire me to want to plant things in the fresh dirt. This weekend I got a bunch of rhubarb cuttings from my parents and can’t wait for those to produce for the first part of summer. Tomorrow I’m going to make a trip to the greenhouse nearby to pick up herbs of all varieties for my hydroponic garden and some flowers to make various pretty pots around the house. I’m not really a gardener, but I try to make our yard and environs pretty for the short months we can enjoy living, flowering plants. 🙂

I am greatly anticipating our Farmer’s Market starting and visiting it on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s to pick up fresh vegetables and fruit from local farmers. Sometime soon I also want to visit the St. Paul and Minneapolis Farmer’s Markets – they are the grandpappys of markets in the Twin Cities – overflowing abundance of plants, fruits, vegetables and other delectable edibles like fresh bread and amazing scones. I could spend a. lot. of. cash. there. 🙂

I really, really love spring and I’m so glad its finally here!


I’m a week behind!

oh well. 🙂

I got this lovely, lovely necklace from my dear husband on Mother’s Day. I’ve worn it every day since. The same little saying hangs on my dining room wall – its a pretty popular piece of art seen on many a blog, shelf at Target, etc. But I’ve liked it from the first time I laid eyes on it. It’s a good thing for me to remember. A piece of good advice for all of us, I think!

As a person who usually tended to overreact as a rule, I’d like to think I’ve become much more calm and collected. Which is due to anchoring influences like the Holy Spirit, age and experience, my very unflappable husband, wonderful friends and occasionally, a self-imposed time out.

I’ve also come to realize that generally, if its not one thing its another and this world is rife with issues, drama and problems. Thankfully, I’m also promised that I have a Helper who has overcome the world and there is far more to this life than meets the eye. So I do try to keep calm and carry on, imperfectly though it may be.

Necklace: City Thistle’s Etsy shop


I had an idea in mind for this photo, but as per usual, couldn’t make it happen due to my poor skillz. I need to have some serious one on one time with my poor camera some morning soon and get it figured out so I can do better w/ manual settings and get the look I have in my head onto the camera.

So here’s the photo, in which I wanted to feature our budding chokecherry tree. The others are my “outtakes”/what I wore photos. Basically – I’m just SOOOOO happy its spring! It won’t be long before these red buds turn into beautiful pink flowers and then red leaves with little red berries. I love this tree in our front yard. Happy Spring!


this self-portrait thing is a learning experience for me. Last week i cut off my head. This week I cut off my foot. 🙂 Oh well. I promise I will get better – hopefully I will learn some more things about my camera as a result of this fun online photography clinic a photographer friend of mine is organizing!

Today I felt cute. Like a hot mom even. My hair cooperated (very rare these days). My makeup worked. My outfit was fun, stylish and comfortable. I bought new skinny jeans and a kicky pair of blush ballet flats with pale pink flowers over the weekend (weirdly enough, thanks to JCPenneys). A friend gave me the shirt and I already had the belt and jewelry. It was a happy bonus to have it all come together today and feel like I had it going on. 🙂 At the slightly awkward not-really-showing-much but chubby-in-enough-places-my-old-clothes-don’t-quite-fit stage, its really nice to have a day like today.

feelin like a hot mama


one of my jack boy and I on a lovely spring day. i sure love this kid. Being a mom has been way more amazing and wonderful, and pretty much as challenging as I thought it would be. The thought of having TWO of these little people in our house overwhelms me on occasion, but I know it will work out alright and hopefully my kids will always know that I love. being. their. mommy. my other thought when seeing this photo – gosh I need to do something to my hairs! lol.

the best hugs in the world


yesterday I went for my first run of 2011. It was slow, but glorious. 🙂 With a high of 57 degrees forecasted for today, I knew I had to get out and enjoy it…and my poor neglected butt and thighs thank me in advance.

I promise I didn’t mean to cut off my head, but I thought it was cute and different to leave it that way. Not to mention my head looked like this: no makeup, dirty hair and tomato red cheeks to match my shirt. 🙂 You can see evidence of a little baby bump under that shirt too…just a smidgen.

I love my new running shoes, thanks to my REI dividend and 20% off coupon. I was in major need of new shoes and like them so much I might just wear them otherwise. Okay, never mind. It would break my own personal fashion rule of no athletic tennis shoes outside of athletic events.

runners high

here’s to many more happy and faster runs in 2011!