yesterday I went for my first run of 2011. It was slow, but glorious. 🙂 With a high of 57 degrees forecasted for today, I knew I had to get out and enjoy it…and my poor neglected butt and thighs thank me in advance.

I promise I didn’t mean to cut off my head, but I thought it was cute and different to leave it that way. Not to mention my head looked like this: no makeup, dirty hair and tomato red cheeks to match my shirt. 🙂 You can see evidence of a little baby bump under that shirt too…just a smidgen.

I love my new running shoes, thanks to my REI dividend and 20% off coupon. I was in major need of new shoes and like them so much I might just wear them otherwise. Okay, never mind. It would break my own personal fashion rule of no athletic tennis shoes outside of athletic events.

runners high

here’s to many more happy and faster runs in 2011!