before I forget…

some things I want to remember about Jackson right now:

  • Your prayers: “Dear Jethuth – thank you, your NAME, Amen.”
  • “Baby Sthisther, Tay-er”
  • “What doin’?”
  • “Where gooing?”
  • You love to read books
  • Tuesday is your favorite morning because its Garbage Truck Day!
  • Tuesday is also your favorite day of the week because Daddy takes you to the car wash and you get a candy bar while you go through it.
  • When I make a cup of tea, you want one too. 🙂
  • You are a big helper and want to do things for us
  • “My do it! My churn, Mom.”
  • “Go church, worsip Jesuth!”
  • You ask about Molly, Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma Meri and Papa Keith all the time.
  • You like to have candles lit. “Bwow out, Mom?”
  • Bob the Builder, Kipper the Dog and Shaun the Sheep are your favorite shows
  • You can operate our iPad and iPod with scary alacrity and skill.
  • When you look at pictures you say, “T-ute!”
I love you, Jack boy!